Sales Distribution in Japan for Crowdfunding Projects

Do you have a project funded successfully through a crowdfunding site?
Are you interested in selling your products in Japan?

We’d love to help!

Crowdfunding is gaining awareness and interest in Japan as is with the rest of the world, but unfortunately many project creators find it difficult to get into the Japanese market.
Language is of course one factor, but there are other points to consider, such as legal restrictions, consumer expectations, difficulty in creating wholesale accounts, etc.

We are sole Japanese distributors of several successfully-funded crowdfunding projects, and have experience in distributing to major Japanese retailers, such as LOFT, App Bank, UNiCASE, and more.

These are examples of some of the items we carry:
– Bluetooth tracking devices (Protag Elite & duet by Innova Technologies)
– smartphone accessories (Neutron S by Bungajungle, Sticko)
– earphone accessories (Snap Strap by ii-ess)

If you have a successfully-funded project and believe that the Japanese market would love your product, please get in touch with us so that we can assist you in getting your products into the Japanese market!



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